Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grant Us Wisdom And Peace...

It has been a tough few weeks in our adoption journey.  As many of you know, we were told last week that our adoption of little Simon would not be possible until next spring.  The foreign country would not allow the submission of paperwork until after his 1 year birthday.  After consulting with Andrea at Reece's Rainbow, we all agreed that it was not a good plan to wait until then to continue in our efforts.  Our paperwork would be getting too close to the expiration dates on much of it, and starting over is not a good option.  So we reluctantly decided to move on to another child. 

We talked with Andrea about the children that are in orphanages that our agency has relationships with.  After losing Mindy, we felt compelled to move in a different direction.  That's part of the reason we switched from a girl to a boy.  It didn't feel right "replacing" her so soon with another girl.  But several weeks have passed, and one little girl kept presenting herself to us.  She is nearing 3 years old, is in the same baby home as Mindy, and is facing the institution next year.  And Andrea told us that no one has ever inquired about her.  Well we were going to change that!  So late last week, we commited to little Claire.  And our hope now is that we can begin making progress again.  That we can move quickly to submit our paperwork, make our travels, and work toward bringing home Our Fifth Girl! 

We pray that God will grant us the wisdom to complete this journey, and bring Peace to us and to little Claire. 

God Bless....